Dr. Yanick Beaulieu

The Use of “Hyperpresence” for Interactive Remote Care, Collaboration, Procedural Supervision, & Remote Teaching

Dr. Sunny Malhotra.png

Dr. Sunny Malhotra

Issues of AI in Healthcare: How AI can be utilized to improve healthcare practice management

Veronika Litinski.png

Veronika Litinski

Genetic Testing Personalized Medicine / Pharmacogenomics

Panel Q&A.png

Panel Q&A 1

Dr. Deepak Kaura, Tara Coxon, Andriana Lukich, Dr. Darren Larsen & Dr. Ed Brown
Moderator: Dr. Dennis DiValentino

Dr. Darren larsen

Show me my data! A Route to Quality for Ontario Health Teams

Connect the Dots, Connect the Docs: An Overview of EMR Integration to Support Integrated Care

Andriana Lukich & Tara Coxon

How a Progressive Hospital System is Expanding Care Beyond Its Walls and Engaging the Community in Collaborative Care: The St. Joseph's Digital Health Experience.


Paulo Gomes

Technology Applied to Practice Management

Dr. Deepak Kaura

Empowering Front Line HCP-Lead Innovation in Canadian Healthcare

Dr. Sonny Kohli

Remote Patient Monitoring: A Physician Innovator's Perspective

Dr. Richard Tytus

Virtual Care & The Use of Peripheral Devices

Culminating Panel

Identifying Challenges in Healthcare from the Mouths of Front-Line Providers

Allan o’dette

Ceo of Ontario Medical Association, AlLAN O’Dette, welcomed attendees